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Yoga Child, Yoga parties for kids

let's bend, breathe, and bloom together 

on our child's next birthday!  Yoga Child birthday parties are a special, fun, and healthy way to honor and

celebrate your budding yogi.  For kids ages five and up, we create a personalized yoga party led by a certified children's yoga instructor.   


YOGA CHILD parties are unique and customized to honor your yogi.

We offer yoga parties at your home or space of your choosing.

All parties are one and a half hours in length and designed for

up to 10 children

additional cost per yogi for more than 10 children

     All parties include...


  • mandala coloring

  • 30-45 minutes of yoga and partner yoga

  • relaxation time with essential oils

  • yoga theme craft - gratitude rocks

  • yoga games

     We supply...


  • mats for every yogi

  • props

  • your yogi's favorite music

  • all craft supplies

  • goodie bags (if you choose)

     You supply...

  • food & drinks 

  • cake

  • decorations

  • children that are ready to have fun

yoga child parties


and up 

Please note that there may be a travel fee added if your location is more than 10 miles from YOGA CHILD

Upgraded Craft Project

  • lavender sock eye pillow

  • meditation jars 

  • journal decorating 

  • mala bead bags

Goodie Bags

  • yoga themed GoldInk tattoos 

  • yoga mats

Additional items are priced per yogi.  Call for pricing.

Scroll to Photo Gallery to see pictures.

You can choose to upgrade your party with these additionally priced items:



As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over two decades of working in schools, I have always worked with children through traditional talk and play therapy.  The past few years I have been feeling as though it just wasn't enough…these kids needed more…a different means of working through their big emotions that they feel so deeply in their little bodies.  As I found my own practice of yoga changing the way I experience life, it hit me one day…I need to do this with kids! So, I started my journey of helping children shine their light through yoga and became a Certified Children's Yoga Teacher trained through both Radiant Child Yoga and Asanas for Autism and Special Needs.


As a mom, I also love to playfully connect through yoga at home with my own two children.  It has deepened the bond between us in more meaningful ways…it is more than just doing poses together.  I am so truly grateful to discover that I can blend my love of working with children and my own passion for yoga.


YOGA CHILD parties are a fun and healthy way to play.  I started yoga parties with the hopes of planting a seed to inspire children to shine their light through yoga.   Let’s bend, breathe, and bloom together!


Danielle Schragen Yoga Child instructor

Danielle Kupperman




I had such an amazing time at my birthday party and all of my friends loved it! I would totally do another one!! My favorite part was the peppermint massage. Thank you so so much! Namaste.


Maya, age 10

By far, the best party for my 11 year old daughter and her friends.  We loved how you personalized the party and set an awesome vibe for the girls.  We were all connected and it was fun!

Peace, Love, and Kindness, 



mindful coloring to get everyone grounded and settled

personalized yoga flow

Inhale 💚 Exhale

getting ready for yoga craft

gratitude rocks craft

partner poses!

yoga mat goodie bag

goldink flash tattoo goodie bag

meditation jar craft

yoga craft

yoga craft

freeze dance yoga! balancing getting wild and finding stillness in our body

Professional Photos Courtesy of The Photocoop



move & flow

click the button above for links to resources on fun ways to share yoga at home with children


breath & meditation

click the button above for resources on the magic of our breath and finding stillness in meditation


planting seeds

click the button above for some of my favorite resources on the benefits of bringing yoga to kids, books, websites, and more!

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